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How to Apply

Infant Mental Health Specialist and Infant Mental Health Mentor Endorsement applicants must pass an exam prior to earning Endorsement. The exam has two parts; both are based on the Competency Guidelines.

Applicants are encouraged to engage their provider of RSC to think together about the applicant’s professional journey, capacity for reflection, and understanding of parallel process all in relation to readiness for the exam. The paper version of the reference rating form can be used to solicit feedback related to knowledge and skill areas of the competencies. If gaps in knowledge are identified, use the resource list to identify readings that will fulfill the gaps. If the provider of RSC expresses reservations related to the capacity to apply IECMH principles into practice, the applicant is encouraged to continue with RSC and the on-going assessment of skills in the areas of Reflection, Thinking, and Working with Others. 

Your exam will be administered by the Alliance for the Advancement of IMH through the use of an online platform called Question Mark. This Questionmark system will allow you to take the exam using your personal computer and from a location of your choice. Further details will be provided by our NAIMH Endorsement Coordinator upon approval to take the exam”

What to know about Endorsement Exam:

Steps to Endorsement by Nebraska Association for Infant Mental Health.

  1. Become a member
  2. Determine which Endorsement category is best for you based on your scope of practice: promotion, prevention, intervention, or leadership.
  3. Register on EASy, NAIMH’s web-based system for compiling applications for Endorsement. 
    The first time you visit EASy, select “Register” under “New Applicant”

  4. To register, EASy requires you to provide a brief description of your work, education, and RSC experiences.  Complete and submit, including payment of the EASy Registration Fee 

  5. Log into EASy using the username and password issued to you via email from EASy and begin to prepare your application! 
  6. Work on your application! Contact the Endorsement Coordinator for support at
  7. Once completed, submit your application along with the Processing Fee.
  8. Your application will undergo an application review.  For Infant Mental Health Specialist & Infant Mental Health Mentor applicants, you’ll also need to successfully pass an Endorsement exam.
  9. Endorsement!
  10. Proudly use your Endorsement credential to tell employers, parents, health and legal practitioners, and insurance providers that you have expertise related to the social and emotional development of infants and young children in families.